Dog harness FORM NEON yellow

Bright neon colour and reflective details. Ergonomic well-fitting style. Adjustable neckline and chest. Easy to put on and take off.

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Bright neon colour and reflective details. Ergonomic well-fitting style. Adjustable neckline and chest. Easy to put on and take off.For a dog that wants to be seen. A neon-coloured harness with reflective multi-layered stitching and logo to brighten up darkening evenings. A functional and durable Y-harness with adjustable neckline and chest to ensure that the harness fits well. A soft neoprene-padded belly part to improve the harness' wear comfort. The harness is designed to distribute the pressure equally across the chest. Thanks to the quick buckle closure with a safety lock, the harness is easy to put on. The leash can be attached either to the back of the dog or below its chest. The machine-washable harness dries fast and is easy to keep clean. The extension has reflective stitching and logo. Please note that neon colours might fade eventually, and if exposed repeatedly to moisture, colours might bleed, too. To a white or light-coloured dog, we recommend choosing a collar or harness from our other styles.


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Dog harness FORM NEON yellow




Wow... das ist Qualität!

Keine Ahnung, wieviele Hundeleben dieses Geschirr halten soll, aber einige werden es sein. Es ist so gut und stabil verarbeitet, dass ich wirklich begeistert war.
Bei früheren Geschirren habe ich auch nur immer eine Seite aufgemacht und darum finde ich es toll, dass es hier nur eine Schnalle gibt. Die Polsterung an der Brust ist wirklich schön weich dämpft gut.
Die dunkel eloxierten Metallringe sehen sehr chic aus und dank dem Neon-Gelb ist mein Hund, bei Dämmerung, endlich nicht mehr unsichtbar.
Das wird hier zwar nicht gefragt, aber "Ja!" ich würde dieses Produkt empfehlen und zwar sehr.



Form Neon Harness

Just received this product today, and tried it on my dog. He is a black-tri Shetland Sheepdog, so he is a ball of hair, and though I tried very hard to measure him accurately, his measurements were obviously off. According to my measurements, he should be on the lower end of the size M on the size charts provided by Rukka Pets. However, due to the weight of the harness pushing down on the hair, the actual fit of this harness on our dog is slightly larger than what I had measured and estimated.
If you have a hairy dog like I do, please make sure to measure the dog with some heavy material on the hair.

This harness is on the heavy side, because the straps are thick and sturdy. I don't think these will break very easily, because they are so thick and heavy.
However, the LED lights in the buckles might not last as long as the harness itself. These lights are really bright, and might blind you if you look straight into the light. However, the strobe function is not evenly timed, so they flicker at different rates.
Also, each buckle needs to be charged separately with a micro USB cable, which by the way, is not provided. Even though Android-based mobile devices have switched to USB-C two years ago, their LED lights charge on micro USB ports. I had to dig around to see if I had any micro USB cables lying around. Seriously, these micro USB ports need to come up-to-date, folks at Rukka. Either that, or you should provide some micro USB cables to charge these lights.
I think the best option is if you change the system to use 2023 or 2025 batteries instead of USB charging.

If you have a very dark coated dog like I do, this harness will definitely get them noticed, and these are some really tough harnesses, so you won't have to worry about replacing them. However, charging the lights might annoy you a little bit, because you have to charge each side separately, and they are micro USB ports. I seriously think this LED light design needs to change to interchangeable batteries rather than charging, because these internal batteries probably can't last as long as the rest of the harness.

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Dog harness FORM NEON yellow

Bright neon colour and reflective details. Ergonomic well-fitting style. Adjustable neckline and chest. Easy to put on and take off.

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